When you think about custom homes, a picture of a mansion is what comes up in your mind?

Do the budget, the hassle of the process and maintenance of all that concern you?

Our concept here is to completely change that! Downsize without compromising in customizations, luxury features, low maintenance and upscale lifestyle.

You’d be able to choose one of the 9 lots Cavendish Homes offers, design your home with an architecture from outside to inside, customize all finishes, and stay in your budget at the right size space.

If you choose to work with our preferred lender, you can apply to get a construction loan and a 30-year mortgage with only one closing cost.


“Take a blank piece of paper and start to draw your dream home!”

We listen to your desires and expectations for your new home, get to know your price range consideration, help you find the right home site available (link for the map) and work with you to design the home of your dreams that stays within your budget.

How it works – STEP BY STEP

  • Choose your Floorplan / Lot / Finishes

The architect will work with you to design your floorplan on the lot you’ve chosen.

  • Get Appraisal / Financing

Our preferred lender will work with you on getting the construction loan approved.

  • Start to Build

Our crew will start to build your dream home.

  • Blue Taping / Inspection Walk-Through

A member of our team will walk-through the house with you, and let you blue tape any cosmetic items needed to be addressed.

  • Home Orientation and Final Walk-Through

A member of our team will walk-through the house with you, and explain how the systems in the house work, also making sure the house meets your expectations.

  • Closing / Funding / Key Delivery

You’ll go to the title company to close on your new home. After funding, we’ll delivery the keys of your house to you. Congratulations and Enjoy it!



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